Repair kits for operating fluids

Reparir kits with genuine Norma parts should not be missing in any service station, service center or in a shop with spare parts. Many aspects contributed to the practical composition of the contents of all boxes and seamlessly connect to the well-known Norma Torro S hose clamp stand which has found practical use for many years.

Not so long ago, each car have had dozens of fuel, cooling, heating and other systems connections secured with an ordinary hose clamp or even eyelets with steel cotter pin. In 1991, the fuel systems of vehicles began to be fitted with plastic connections (so-called quick couplings) due to their low weight and quick assembly without special tools. In modern vehicles, other systems are also solved and guided by special plastic pipes and connected by plastic quick couplings.

For repairs that you previously managed only with the hose clamps, today you will need in addition to quick couplings and other material. Thanks to our practical and affordable repair boxes, you can easily repair pipes and quick-connect fuel lines, heating, cooling and other systems. Instead of buying an expensive original part, you will be able to repair everything at a fraction of the cost. For easier use of our repair boxes we are preparing short video tutorials for you.


  • All repair boxes contain original parts
  • Repair boxes are exclusively designed for the repair of moror vehicles
  • NQS box contains original connectors and adapters according to international standard SAE J2044
  • Clear layout
  • Repair of damaged fuel lines at several points
  • All parts in the boxes are easy to refill
  • Boxes made of durable plastic material
  • Small storage dimensions of the boxes




Set of quick connectors (couplings). Standard with PS3 designation according to automotive standard (VDA standard for cooling and heating systems) OEM manufacturers, which have been used since 1995 (WV group, Daimler, BMW, partly Toyota and other brands).

Cost-effective repair compared to the price of the original part.



This box contains the most common fuel quick connectors (couplings) and brass inserts( nipples) for PA tubes to repair fuel lines. It is primarily intended for repair on fuel systems.

The box contains 3 dimensions of straight and angled quick connectors(couplings), which can be found in 90% of all world car brands.

The box also includes brass inserts( nipples) for PA tubes, which are used for reinforcement when connecting the PA pipe to a conventional fuel rubber hose. We recommend securing it with a Cobra hose clamp. Brass inserts( nipples) are available in 4 dimensions for the most common PA tube sizes found in all car‘s brands.

Cost-effective repair compared to the price of the original part.



This box contains the 12 most commonly used screwless one-piece Cobra hose clamps, together 150 pieces. Their small overall height allows precise application even in confined spaces. They have quick and easy installation and subsequent disassembly using special Cobra pliers (not included in). Cobra hose clamps are made of stainless steel..



This box contains the most commonly used plastic push on connectors (couplings), a total of 115 pieces, which are made of POM (polyacetal copolymer) and have an operating temperature of -40 ° C to 80 ° C (for a short period of 1 hour up to 110 ° C). The box contains small diameters of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm. For example, 3 and 4 mm diameters are suitable for interconnecting windscreen washer systems and sizes 5, 6, 8 and 10 are widely used in fuel systems, air ducts, oil and coolant.



This box contains spring steel FBS hose clamps. They are perfect for hose interconnection systems mounted on sockets that are exposed to large temperature fluctuations as capable of cooling and fuel systems, or on hoses that tend to lose flexibility. The installed spring clamps ensure long-term automatic tightening of the joint at low and high temperatures. The box contains 13 frequent hose clamp diameters, total amount 115 pieces.



This box contains BEN mini hose clamps for small external diameters from 7 to 20mm, with rounded inner edges to protect the hose against damage and suitable for thin-walled hoses. finish is galvanized steel.Box contains 12 dimensions with a total number of 90 pieces.

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